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Enriching our community through creativity, art, and shared knowledge.


"I remember walking into the door, and just heaving a sigh of relief to be there. This class was creative play of the best sort. New techniques, new media, and a box filled with a delicious assortment of pens. A time and space of promise, where everything is provided. You just have to show up and create. This class was so clearly a product of Tyrell and Danine's dreams, born from a desire to communicate the soul of their creativity and to connect others to their creative cores. It was genuine in a way I found completely unexpected. It was a privilege to be a part of a class that was, I felt, so deeply personal to the people who created it."


"Fantastic art materials are provided, laughter and discussion ensue, and positive energy swirls around. The class is inclusive for all levels of student."


"Extract & Infuse was an incredible class for me during a time when I felt as if I had lost so much of my creativity and inspiration. Tyrell & Danine made a great team, and we explored many different mediums in a setting that allowed plenty of time for personal reflection, as well as time for connecting with others in the class. It was a wonderful way to re-spark creative thought while exploring both internal and external spaces, new mediums, and a great variety of techniques!"