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Does your teen need more art in their life?

Send them to the Downtown Art Club!  It's a judgment-free space where all supplies are provided, and it's led by Tyrell Coover, local artist and experienced art educator.  They can get help with their own art, seek inspiration for new ideas, learn to use different materials, and be their creative selves!

Tuesdays, February 5 - May 21

4:15 - 6:15 pm

Downtown Longmont, CO

Ages:  14-18

Cost:  $75/month


Contemporary art exposure and art-making for ages 8-12

Often, when we learn about artists, it’s art from history – Cave Paintings, Medieval, Renaissance, Classical, Impressionism, etc. While these periods and art movements are essential, sometimes it’s difficult to relate to these artists and their work since they lived in different time periods.


In each session of Art Right Now, students will first be introduced to an artist or artists from a variety of demographics who are making art right now, in the real world. They will then create art based on that artist and his/her message, style, or process. We will explore painting, collage, paper arts, illustration, and more. The course will culminate with a Pop-Up Art Show for the students to display their work.

Cost:  $140 for 5 week session

Ages 8-12

This class is currently offered in Lafayette only



Combine words & art to create visual poetry!

Found Poetry, also known as blackout poetry, is the artful process of
selecting words from a page of a book to stand out as a poem. Using doodles, drawings,
stamping, or collage, the rest of the page is then blocked out, leaving only the poem and artwork. 

More often than not, this process will reveal words from your
subconscious that resonates with you and will provide meaning in
ways your conscious self couldn't imagine.

In this 2 hour workshop, students will create poetry from pages of books by choosing words throughout the passage. Using black markers, stamps, and collage, students will then block out the rest of the words on the page to create your poem.  This class combines words and art to create visual poetry! 

We offer this class for kids, teens, and adults. 


Single Class or Month Pass

Think of this as a studio art club for adults!  Using all of your senses combined with many art forms, we will help you extract your dormant creativity.

We will also infuse you with sounds, smells, written passages, art from around the world, music, art techniques, and philosophy in a safe and supportive environment.


After beginning each session with a journal exercise, students are introduced to the materials and given a creative prompt to make their art.  While the students all use the same art materials and process, because the class focuses on individual expression and creativity, the end results are different for each artist. 


This course is appropriate for all levels of experience, from the person who claims “I can’t even draw a stick figure” to the professional artist who needs a catalyst of creativity. 


This is NOT a Paint & Sip kind of class!  We focus on individual expression so everyone's work looks different when we're all done.


Classes + watercolor starter package

In this class, you will begin learning about watercolors through experimentation. How does the color move? How much water do I use? How do I guide the paint? How do the colors mix together? How do I keep the colors from mixing together? What supplies do I need to get started at home?

Western Stars Gallery, 160 E Main St, Lyons, CO 80540

Taught by Janelle DeBray, local rising Watercolorist
Learn more about Janelle HERE



Single Class or Monthly

For ages 11-15, this class will start at the very beginning and will move at a comfortable pace for each student as far as they would like to go. Very limited space as we would like to keep the class small for individual attention. 


Home school or alternative education students

Focusing on your child's individual creativity, we will offer different art supplies and techniques every Friday for six weeks. Students will be introduced to art from around the world, art that is happening right now, and art from history, and then will get to make their own creations.  

At the end of the six week course, Alt Art Ed will hold a Pop-Up Art Show. 


2-part series

Offering numerous health benefits and a sparkling flavor, Kombucha is a popular drink that you can make at home!  After purchasing a brew kit from Brewmented, we will then offer a written guide, two in-person classes, and email access to the teacher to provide guidance after the class.  You will be provided a  SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast) which you can use over and over to brew your own Kombucha.

This is a 2-part series in which you will start your Kombucha during the first session, wait 1 week as your baby SCOBY grows, then meet up again to learn how to continue the process.

You will also have email access to the kombucha guide after the class if you have questions about the process and your SCOBY.

The cost for the two classes is $20, plus the purchase of your brew kit.



With Lyndsey McGuire of Hawthorn and Lily

Get an inside perspective on designing your house from Interior Designer, Lyndsey McGuire of Hawthorn & Lily.  In this workshop, you will learn how to use current trends to modernize your space, add color to express your own style, and update your home if you're looking to sell.  Find out how to arrange furniture and decor to create an open space from a designer with exquisite taste and a natural eye.

You will even get the chance to share photos of your own home, allowing Lyndsey to answer questions specific to your situation. 

This workshop is perfect for home sellers, realtors, hobby designers, and anyone interested in updating their home with the help of a professional.

Refreshments will be served.

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