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Alt Art Ed offers private or group lessons focusing on creativity, individual expression, art skills, and processes.  Local artist and educator, Tyrell Coover, will come to your home or offer a space in downtown Longmont, CO to teach your children art-making, art from history, and art being made currently around the world.  Lessons can be customized according to your goals for your children, their ages, and their previous art experience, so they receive the best possible creative education. 

Tyrell has experience ranging from newborns through teens verging on adulthood.  When her children were young, she worked at the YMCA as a care-provider in the drop-off center, and was quickly asked to teach toddler tumble classes and a variety of other children's classes.  She left the YMCA to open her own in-home licensed child care where she nurtured and taught children ranging from a newborn baby on up.  After her children were both in elementary school, she completed her bachelor's degree in Art Education and is still a licensed teacher in Colorado.  She has taught community art classes, upscale summer art programs at a museum, public online middle and high school art, adult classes and workshops, and private classes for all ages.  She is also a mother of three and a current artist.

Cost is based on age, length of lesson, number of children, and location.  Whether you're interested in a group class with your homeschool family friends, you'd like for your child(ren) to join a class for socialization, or you're seeking private lessons, we are open to many options.  We strive to make art affordable for everyone, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and start the conversation. 

We will make sure your child gets what they need! 

Resume and references available upon request.