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The purpose of Alt Art Ed is to enrich our community and its members through creativity, art of all kinds, and education by offering workshops and classes, sharing knowledge and skills, and encouraging free thought and critical thinking. 

We offer classes that are free of conventional thinking, government-enforced standards, testing, grades, and judgment.  We strive to bring you classes that you can't find any where else; classes that allow for creativity, self-expression, and experimentation. 

Our education comes in many different forms:  one-time classes, online courses, half-day workshops, 5-week series, and many more.  You may choose from hands-on classes where you're diving right in with some messy supplies or you can choose to sit back and absorb the content while doodling some notes. 

Our students consist of teenagers who need more than their school offers, seeking adults, homeschool children, and everyone in between. 


In the fall of 2017, Tyrell Coover started looking for a local creative class to join.  With three kids, a husband, a dog and kitten, and a family business to run, art had slipped out of her life and a class seemed like a good way to commit to making art every week.  Disheartened by the many introduction classes offered, she realized that with a degree in art education, she needed more


After a brief stint of disappointment, Tyrell decided to create the class she was longing for.  So was born Extract & Infuse, a creativity class that offered different themes, journaling exercises, techniques, and materials each week. These new classes were meant to be temporary and experimental but the students requested a regular class, they needed more. Extract & Infuse is now offered monthly or by single drop in. 


Alt Art Ed quickly expanded offerings for homeschool students, technique classes in oils and other media, and partnerships with art therapists and specialists. Tyrell is thrilled to have found and shared more with Alt Art Ed.