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Think of this as a studio art club for adults!  Using all of your senses combined with many art forms, we will help you extract your dormant creativity.

We will also infuse you with sounds, smells, written passages, art from around the world, music, art techniques, and philosophy in a safe and supportive environment.


After beginning each session with a journal exercise, students are introduced to the materials and given a creative prompt to make their art.  While the students all use the same art materials and process, because the class focuses on individual expression and creativity, the end results are different for each artist. 


This course is appropriate for all levels of experience, from the person who claims “I can’t even draw a stick figure” to the professional artist who needs a catalyst of creativity. 


This is NOT a Paint & Sip kind of class!  We focus on individual expression so everyone's work looks different when we're all done.

Extract & Infuse: Creative Class - Month Pass

  • $105/month - 4 class pass


    $28/ single class -  Register Here


    You will get the most benefit from this class if you attend on a regular basis.